Trager Level 1 Vancouver, WA

Trager Level 1
June 12th, 13th, 14th and June 19th, 20th, and 21st 2021
BodyMechanics School  
Vancouver, WA

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What is Trager®?

Dr. Milton Trager recognized well before contemporary knowledge on neuroplasticity that new information introduced to areas in the unconscious mind, gently and with skill, activates positive neurological changes that improve movement patterns. He referred to his work as psychophysical integration.

Trager® Practitioners work in a calm, cultivated, meditative state, what Dr. Trager called “hook-up. “Using the language of touch and movement they promote sensory awareness and ease of movement. Trager® sessions include gentle bouncing, stroking, elongations, and a variety of playful body movements received in a calming, pleasurable atmosphere. 

Reasons for Trager® Certification: The Certification Program is expressly designed for students who want to develop Trager® Approach as a primary modality in their practice. It offers highly focused, in-depth training with the exploration, supervision, and feedback necessary for students to establish a successful Trager® practice. This training gives you a unique and deeper access to your own self-developmental awareness. Being certified also allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, with their permission, the US Trager® Association lists practitioners on its website as part of its referral network.

Tuition $995.00 includes Trager manual, Trager® handbook, movement and table course work, and two years USTA Membership
$350.00 deposit required. Additional $650 payment can be made at the workshop or with three monthly payments of $225.
48 NCBTMB approved CEU’s

Meet your instructors:

Kathryn Hansman-Spice, MS, LMT  brings to The Trager® Approach a depth of experience in the fields of massage therapy, mindfulness, trauma, and brain science. Her practice and teaching is inspired by the power of compassionate touch, presence, and body awareness to rewire our brains for greater wellness and resilience. Trager® has captured her heart because of its philosophy of deep respect, gentleness, and inquiry.  She is awed by the Trager® invitation to embody ease, flexibility, and mindfulness as a way of life! In her teaching, she integrates recent developments in neuroscience and trauma therapy which affirm the power of safety, focused attention, fascination and novelty to turn on the brain’s neuroplasticity, or ability to change.

Fawn Christianson developed her mastery through a discipline of meditation and 14-year apprentice with Dr. Trager.  She served a private practice for 28 years in Silicon Valley.  Immersed in advanced training’s, she would apply integrative healing modalities with her clients. Each client would gain their own trust with their “healer within”As a trainer, she became known as the Coach for the Coaches. Her program, Power and Grace Coaching empowers growth mindset into mastery levels of right action and healing.


Joseph RodinJoseph Rodin, MA, LMT, CTP began practicing massage therapy in 1991 and began teaching in 1995. His experience has lead him through training in Osteopathic Inspired Methods, Cerification in the Trager® Approach, and work in nationally recognized clinics in TMJ, Chronic pain, and Anesthesiology.


Payment options: Deposit of $345, with two future payments of $325, or pay in full for $50 discount at $950. Other payment plans may be available by request. You may pay by Venmo, PayPal, or Credit or Debit Card.

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