Trager Level 2

Trager Level 2
Seattle, WA 
October 11-13th and 18-20th, 2019  Six Day Course

What is Trager®?

Trager® is an approach developed by Milton Trager, MD who first developed the basic technique principles at the age of 18 and spent over 50 years refining his work. Trager® is a unique, neuromuscular approach to bodywork and movement re-patterning. Trager® tablework consists of deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with compression and gentle traction. This feeds into the nervous system resulting in dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. The client is also shown simple movements called Mentastics® which are a method of self-care that teach the client to integrate the principles of the work into their daily life.

Course description and objectives:

  • Expand and deepen your exploration of working in the meditative state (hookup), openness to information in the moment, and creativity during your Trager table work, as well as expand the repertoire of movements that are possible with your clients.
  • Expand and deepen your exploration and teaching of Mentastics through exploring individual learning styles and perceptual systems, finding balance, and guiding partners in finding their own movement.
  • Improve communication skills with clients, including intake interview, and working with feedback from client.
  • Explore a variety of topics related to the training process and development of professionalism through discussion.
  • Explore ethical issues related to being a Trager Practitioner

Tuition $900.00 
$300.00 deposit required
*Payment plans are available*
48 CEU’s NCBTMB approved

Meet your instructor:

George Gottlieb is a Trager® Practitioner, Tutor, Instructor, and Licensed Massage Therapist residing in Seattle. He has been in practice since 1986 and teaching since 2000. He studied with Dr. Trager for over 10 years. His interest in bodywork was sparked by Trager® received when recovering from a serious accident and was/is part of an ongoing process of maintaining health and heightening awareness that includes weight training, diet, natural health, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, communication skills, and conflict resolution.

His strengths as a practitioner and instructor are a delight in the work, the ability to connect, work, and teach from a meditative place, profound respect for the body, a combination of kinesthetic understanding and intellectual curiosity, and a love for learning and sharing that which he knows.

Joseph Rodin will be present as an assistant.  

Other payment plans available upon request. 

All Participants should have attended a recommending tutorial after Trager® 1.

Refund less $50 admin fee until September 15th, after which time registration less $50 are transferable but not refundable.