Trager Level 1 Seattle

Trager® Level 1 &
Trager Certification
TBD, 2021
With George Gottlieb

Seattle, WA  
Co-Sponsored by Therapeutic Training Center

Dr. Milton Trager recognized well before contemporary knowledge on neuroplasticity that new information introduced to areas in the unconscious mind, gently and with skill, activates positive neurological changes which improve movement patterns. He referred to his work as psychophysical integration.

Trager® Practitioners work in a calm, cultivated, meditative state, what Dr. Trager called “hook-up.”Using the language of touch and movement they promote sensory awareness and ease of movement.

Trager® sessions include gentle bouncing, stroking, elongations and a variety of playful body movements received in a calming, pleasurable atmosphere. Cumulative in nature, this work promotes ease, physical mobility, and a renewed lasting awareness of agelessness.

A mental, emotional and physical education, Trager® sends clients into the world with the physical efficiency and coordination that leads to effortless movement. Milton Trager called this feeling a place beyond relaxation, a place of peace.

Reasons for Trager® Certification: The Certification Program is expressly designed for students who want to develop Trager® as a primary modality in their practice. It offers highly focused, in-depth training with the exploration, supervision, and feedback necessary for students to establish and integrate a successful Trager® practice. Being certified also allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, with their permission, the US Trager® Association lists practitioners on its website as part of its referral network.

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