Movement Disorders

Do you have Parkinson’s, MS, or Post Polio symptoms? Are you challenged with Tremors, uneven strength, difficulty with walking and other movement? Do you have spasms that don’t respond to traditional approaches? We can offer help.

How about Balance? The beauty of Trager® is its understanding and integration of the vestibular, visual, reflexive, postural and proprioceptive systems. Whereas many approaches focus on one, Trager® seamlessly enhance each while refining their mutual coordination in our daily movements.

Through the Trager® Work, you’ll learn to combine strength and agility with better reflexes and a smooth walking cycle to lead a more safe, efficient, and happy life.

Trager® is for you. With ease, guidance and, yes, determination, we’ll work to regain your lost freedom of movement, strength, coordination, and balance. You will work, yes, but you will also experience the work of art that is you and your inherent ability to move in your body.