Head, Neck,
and TMJ Therapy

At our clinic, you can count on expertise in the assessment of your condition(s) and a mindful, balanced understanding of symptoms.

tmj_IphotoA significant number of our patients come for expert treatment of head, neck, and TMJ pain. We can  often help with these conditions and pride ourselves on years of study and experience working with TMJ specific issues and headache pain. We also work closely with other medical providers when indicated.

Joe was among the first licensed massage therapists in Washington State to        receive the intra-oral endorsement in 2008, when it became available.

Since that time he has supplemented his training with five years of TMJ treatment and study; both treating patients directly, as well as formal observation at the TMJ Orofacial Disorders Center, in Seattle. There, Joe has treated patients in collaboration with Dr. Pehling, DDS.

In addition to taking other course material, Joe has offered presentations on TMJ disorders to physicians and other health care practitioners at various clinics around Seattle.

Joe effectively treats complex cases including migraine and sinus headaches, post TMJ-surgery recovery, trigeminal neuralgia, degenerative joint disease, effects of orthodontia, dental trauma, and more.

Through the course of your treatment, expect an enthusiastic collaborative relationship with other members of your health care team.