Resetting the Body After Injury

RESETTING THE BODY AFTER TRAUMA OR INJURY—The missing element for treatment resolution.

Injury creates two effects. The primary: pathologic changes to muscle, fascia, nerve, or other structures of the body, which massage therapists are well equipped to treat.

The secondary: the body’s protective, defensive bracing around the injury. Too often this becomes part of the client’s chronic postural and pain patterns—long after acute problems are successfully resolved.


Through extensive table lab, lecture and demonstration, we’ll learn to differentiate between primary legions and secondary bracing patterns and resolve those nettlesome patterns for our clients.

Specifically, we’ll learn to:

  • Identify bracing patterns in the body apart from injury or trauma.
  • Assess dysfunctional myofasical chains and their sequences of firing.
  • Learn methods to dissolve these patterns, reset the body, and re-introduce the natural vocabulary of healthy movement.

You will greatly increase your effectiveness at resolving chronic pain whatever your preferred style of massage. 

Register Below for Vancouver class on Sunday, February 25th.

*February 10th class in Seattle hosted by Therapeutic Training Center.