MYOFASCIAL RELEASE for spinal fixations

Saturday and Sunday, February 10-11th, 9:30am-6:30pm
Bellingham, WA

Birchwood Neighborhood, Private Studio
Bellingham, WA

Soft Tissue Imbalances related to spinal fixations is a common for many clients. Addressing these through Myofascial Release provides an incredibly powerful tool for the dedicated therapist, greatly enhancing results for a wide variety of clients.

The most powerful approaches blend an in-depth knowledge of vertebral dynamics with specifically geared myofascial release assessment and treatment techniques.

We’ll master the dynamics of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal fixations from a soft tissue perspective. You’ll learn:

Assessment and Treatment of:

-Sacral Dynamics
-Ilium, Pubic Symphysis, Iliosacral and Sacroiliac Myofascial Approaches

-Specific Lumbar Vertebral Dynamics
-Sidelying, Prone and Supine Myofascial Approaches

-Specific Thoracic Vertebral Dynamics
-Sidelying, Prone and Supine Myofascial Approaches

-Specific Cervical Vertebral Dynamics
-Upper Cervical and Lower Cervical Myofascial Approaches


-Whiplash                                         -Arthritis

-Scoliosis                                         -Back Pain

-Sciatic Pain                                    -Digestive Symptoms

-Headache                                       -Shoulder Problems

-Peripheral Nerve Pain                   -Chronic Pain

-Nervous System Imbalance          -Endocrine Disorders

-Movement Dysfunction

-Stacking Techniques
-Active and Passive Approaches
-Hierarchical Treatment Strategies
-Differentiating Joint and Muscular Origin to Soft Tissue Imbalances

Joe Rodin MA, LMP, CTP., has been practicing bodywork for seventeen years. A certified Trager® Practitioner, he’s also studied and taught cranial sacral therapy and other forms of manual therapy in Washington and California. He’s worked at the nationally recognized TMJ Orofacial Disorders Center in Seattle where he’s treated extensive jaw, head, neck and facial problems.

So useful!! I would definitely recommend this to other therapeutic massage therapists. I really enjoyed Joe’s teaching style. Love the hands on. Loved the atmosphere, I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question. So different from most continuing education classes because we are encouraged to look at bones vs ignoring them. The description of the class laid out exactly what we would learn.
Amberle Daniels LMP

Excellent pace and technique and hands on time was great.
Thuan, LMP

A must for all therapists that are geared toward treatment work. A must for really helping people. Joe has a gift to put the material out in a non controversial way. His easy manner makes learning easy and helps to retain the material.
Michael Ginsberg LMP

Excellent! Thanks, Joe. Clear repetition and review kept us on track and focused on learning topic. This class represented a paradigm shift for my style of work. The point of reference shift to osteo/bony landmarks was difficult at first but fell into place and was a powerful learning experience.
Paul, LMP

Great! Joe was laid back but on trac. Very informative, hands on and visual. Loved that there wasn’t a lot of writing. Very informative manual, great take away for later reference. Joe has the ability to teach very well to visual and verbal learners which isn’t always the case with other classes I’ve taken. This is a very hands on, specific course. Well worth the time and money.
Corrine DeJong, LMP

Excellent job at keeping the class and classmates focused and tuned into the goals presentedin a mindful and relaxed manner, while adding the right amount of lighthearted humor to make it fun. Great, very thorough mapping of the body and ways to experiment with addressing (and finding) the issues that cause trouble (pain).

Even though I find it difficult to find each vertebreae, I felt that the time and just the right amount of repetition was given to learn to find new things better. Also, the low pressure attitude presented a very good permission to learn and try that will follow in my practice. I greatly enjoyed this class and was happy with the course. What a cool guy. I would tell someone that it is well worth the time and cost, an excellent class for new tools that are super affective. I feel great after treatments I experienced and I feel like I was able to make a difference as well and I plan to use these tools to benefit others in my practice. I liked the theme of finding a way to help with spinal fixations because most everyone I treat is stuck, somewhere.
Edee McClosky, LMP

Joe Rodin is a great instructor, funny, friendly, decent taste in music. I love his teaching style, casual, easy to understand. Loved the colored, glossy manuals. Excellent course, in information specific to spinal fixations which allowed me to feel the weekend wasn’t too short and the information wasn’t overwhelming.

My favorite aspect of Joe Rodin’s teaching style is that you move at a pace that is easy to keep up with for beginners and he does not make you feel guilty for not knowing an answer. This is one of the better CE classes I’ve taken. I learned a lot without feeling overwhelmed. 5 Stars!! I loved the cervical, thoracic and lumbar work. The knee to lover leg I still need some pratice. I liked that the class was informative and hands on, I learn easiest by doing. The amount of bodywork vs lecture really made the difference for me. You don’t have to come to this class ready to regurgitate information or spend half the day writing notes without understanding what you’re being taught. THANK YOU. Thank you for everything! I really appreciate being taught to instead of being talked at.
Clarissa Chrismer, LMP

Very much enjoyed the laid back style. Made things easy to understand. Lots of good info to add to any treatment massage. Pleasantly surprised we were able to explore this method on the whole body.
Charlene Mathews, LMP

I really enjoyed Joe’s teaching. He was very knowledgeable and made it easy to follow. He always made sure we all understood and practiced until we felt comfortable. I rate the course high!! I am excited to apply to my practice, such great new low impact treatment for me and very powerful for my clients treatments/recovery. Joe was very, ‘down-to-earth,’ relaxed and made it fun to learn. I am so looking forward to another clas with him. It never felt overwhelming, I always understood his verbal explanation. Great info, easy to follow and apply in practice.
Christina Burch, LMP

I really liked his easy going attitude and the easy to understand examples and directions. High quality content. The content is very user friendly.
Cary Schtennbert, LMP

Great explanations and analogies for the subject. Great at simplifying this new material. Gave plenty of assistance to me. Very beneficial class. I plan to use portions of the course, for sure. My favorite aspects were the sacrum and low back. Michael Darley

This class is up with the best-clear instruction and useful material. I will be able to apply what I have learned immediately. I liked the fact you are teaching us to view the body from the bones and joints to change our way of considering only muscles.
John Tuttle, LMP

Excellent class, I very much appreciated how laid back the teaching was, which allowed for better learning. I loved the amount of time spent on the pelvis and the repeition of assessing the pelvis throughout the course. Easy to ask questions and not feel inferior for doing so. Love the important stress on assessment, how important and how easy to do it correctly, vs only focusing on fixing the problem.
Amber Lopez, LMP

Get ready for your mind to be, ‘blown!’ Excellent, great stuff! My only negative is my inability to remember everything, because I want to use it all! Great delivery and mastery of content! I never felt overwhelmed! Liked the ease of presentation, jokes, explanations, awesome!!
Laura Schouten, LMP