Mastering Myofascial Release TM

mapping, movement, mobilization

 Improve results, expand your client base,
work more creatively, and have more fun

  • Myofascial Chains: Ascending, Descending, Individual, Universal
  • Myofascial Technique Spectrum
  • Myofascial Release in Vectors & Layers

myofascial_image_small Target the causes of myofascial restriction:

  • Adhesion and scars
  • Trauma and Injury
  • Postural patterning
  • Strength imbalance
  • Sitting and computer work
  • Proprioceptive distortion
  • Joint receptor disregulation
  • Neural inhibition

Instructor: Joe Rodin MA, LMP,
CTP. Teaches Myofascial Release, the Trager® Approach, and practices in Seattle, WA, with a focus on chronic pain, TMJ and headache.

“Joe was thoughtful, kind, thorough, very encouraging and very present.” Cheryl Bell, LMP Washington

 “Great instructor, good energy. Next time, I’d like a longer class with 5 Joe Rodin’s.” Crystal Alvarez, LMP Washington

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