Joe’s In Depth Training

Joe works independently as well as collaboratively with Physicians, Dentists, Physical Therapists, and other health care professionals in the greater Seattle area.

For 18 years, Joe has developed specialties working with infants, head, neck, and jaw problems, and neurologic conditions, along with an array of common and unique clinical conditions.

Joe cites his long-term study with, Dr. Loren Rex, as greatly influencing his approach. The now retired, Dr. Rex directed the URSA Institute, and is an internationally renowned Osteopathic Physician.

Dr. Milton Trager, who founded the Trager® in the 1930’s and 40’s while working with Polio victims, and refined it over the next fifty years, has been another major influence on Joe’s practice.

Joe has taught Injury Treatment at Everest College in Seattle. At other massage schools in Washington and California, his teaching has included, Craniosacral, Myofacial Release, TMJ Intraoral Massage and Introduction to the Trager® Approach, Resetting the Body After Injury, and Trauma and Ethics: Mindfulness for Massage Therapists. Additionally, he’s taught Living Beyond Pain classes for patients in the Seattle area. Previously, Joe taught Yoga in the Seattle area for 14 years.

• Masters of Arts in Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology
• Massage Therapy Licensure, Cortiva Institute, formerly the Brian Utting School of Massage
• Trager Practitioner, The Trager Institute, Certification Program
• Yoga Instructor, Teacher Trainings with Felicity Green and Dr. Valerie O’Hara

Below is a sampling of the diversity of continuing education Joe has received.
• The Hyoid Bone
• Muscle Energy Technique
• The Clavicle
• Cervical Spine and Cranial Base
• Lower Extremity
• Upper Extremity
• The Talus
• The Cervical Ganglion
• Trager Mentastics
• Scan Exams for the Manual Practitioner
• Scientific Approach to the Cranium
• Deep Tissue Structural Integration
• The Thoracic Cage
• Cranial 1, 2, 3, 4
• The Iliotibial Band
• Headache Syndrome
• Bennett’s Reflexes
• Myofascial Release
• The Diaphragm
• Trager 1, 2, 3
• Genito Urinary System
• The Clavicle
• Structural Bodywork and Injuries

Joe has undertaken individualized study with nationally renowned instructors in the disciplines of Trager, Cranial Therapy, Structural Bodywork, and Visceral Manipulation.

• Joe currently sits on the board as President of NW Trager Region
• President Elect of the United States Trager Association

• Masters of Arts in Psychology (California School of Professional Psychology)
• Massage Therapy Licensure (Cortiva Institute, formerly the Brian Utting School of Massage)
• Trager Practitioner (The Trager Institute, Certification Program)
• Yoga Instructor (Teacher Trainings with Felicity Green and Dr. Valerie O’Hara)
• Bachelors of Arts (The Evergreen State College)