Intro to Trager- May 22nd, 2021


May 15th, 2021 Vancouver, WA
June 5th, 2021 Burlington, WA
Joseph Rodin, MA, LMT, CTP
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About This Class:

Most massage approaches succeed well at releasing muscular tension. But very few massage approaches succeed at dissolving the patterning that produces the tension, which means after a period of relaxation, it lives to see another day. The Trager® approach is different. Not only does it release the tension, but through its specific, rhythmic, gentle movements and oscillations of the muscles, it, ‘resets,’ the nervous system, unhooking it from the dysfunctional movement patterning, and facilitating natural movement once again.

From this state, the body and mind have, ‘learned,’ or, ‘become reacquainted with’ a natural movement vocabulary from which they can build to achieve freedom from pain and tension. Trager® movements called Mentastics, are taught to the patient after the session to consolidate and improve upon the changes. Trager® stands alone as an approach, but also beautifully complements and deepens other styles of massage as well. Come and learn the language of the neuromuscular system, and turn temporary release of tension into ongoing dissolution of muscular tension patterns. 

This Introductory Workshop, taught by Joseph Rodin, MA, LMT, CTP, serves as a prerequisite for the Trager® Level 1 Training leading towards certification as a Trager Practitioner.

May 15th and June 5th registration dates below. Upon completion of registration an additional email will be sent out with details for the Vancouver and Burlington locations and other logistics.