Ethics: Mindfulness for Massage Therapists


Friday, October 5th, 2018, 11am-3pm. Tacoma, WA

A group of dialogue and exploration As massage therapists we have the honor of applying our craft in the direct service of improving people’s lives. In that relationship, the client offers an extremely deep level of personal and emotional access, more than in most any other relationship. Any massage therapist who is human will have a variety of passing feelings from gratitude, satisfaction and enthusiasm to self-importance, intrigue and frustration. The trap of the healing arts professions is the pervasive fear that admitting these realities tarnishes our status rather than supports it, when we work with ourselves responsibly. Difficulties arise for practitioners in thought or action when these passing, yet inevitable feelings trigger a vulnerability for which we haven’t fully accounted. In this group, we’ll open mindfully to the various thoughts and feelings that come with being helpers who are also flawed and human. Rather than push away reactions, we’ll look honestly at them, and how they can guide our growth, thereby making us better resources to those in our care.