Eastern Washington Trager® Certification
April 2022-March 2023
Level 1 —six days—April 22-24 and 29-May 1
Level 2 —six days—July 22-24 and 29-31
Level 3 —six days—November 5-7 and 12-14th
7 integration days (one day, about every six weeks) 
Six  Trager tutorials
Kennewick, WA.   NCBTMB approved

Trager® is a unique approach to bodywork and somatic movement therapy developed by Dr. Milton Trager, MD who became aware of the basic principles at the age of 18 and spent over 50 years refining his work. In its full expression, Trager® has become known as a highly effective neuro-fascial approach to bodywork with applications in rehabilitation, movement re-patterning, and psychophysical integration.

The table work, involving deep, fluid rocking movements (oscillations) of muscles and joints combined with gentle traction and compression, feeds the brain’s natural neuroplasticity and induces dramatic muscular relaxation, along with feelings of lightness, freedom, and flexibility. Sessions also include simple somatic movement interventions called Mentastics®. These support ongoing self-care, enhance the benefits of Trager Sessions and teach clients how to integrate the principles of the work into their daily life.

The focus of Trager® Certification: An experiential, in depth training designed for students developing Trager® as a primary modality in their practice, and focused on deeper levels of personal, professional, and spiritual integration. Guided table-work and movement practices, supervision, tutorials, and supported practice days allow students to integrate Trager® into their current manual therapy and movement work while building a successful Trager® practice. Certification offers marketing credentials, an optional referral listing on the national US Trager® Association website, and access to further resources through the association.


The Eastern Washington Trager® Certification Series

Trager® certification is a powerful pathway to deeper levels of personal, professional and spiritual integration through deep immersion and proficiency in Trager® Approach.

Benefits of Trager Certification

  • Expand your career longevity and satisfaction.
  • Facilitate deep levels of peace, healing, and pain-free living in yourself and your clients.
  • Creatively address chronic pain, the effects of trauma, movement disorders, and more.
  • Expand your clientele by broadening your approach.

Benefits of the Format

1. Planned and paced Learning, through concise segments at regular intervals

  • Easily integrates into your professional schedule.
  • Optimal learning through consistent, digestible presentations.
  • Multiple formats, lecture, movement, hands-on, demonstration, practice, group dialogue.

2. Mentorship

  • Access to Instructors, Tutors, Supervised Practice Leaders and an international group of especially invited Trager Faculty.
  •  Supportive live and online Community of peers with whom to trade and study.

3. Online review and resources        

  •   Tuition includes all classes, tutorials and integration/supervision day costs, and video review.
  •   A special online forum for students with access to :
  • Exclusive video content including class review material and special additional material, lectures, and teachings.
  • Online and live monthly question and answer, Trager Integration, and Support Meetings throughout your program with course instructors and guest teachers.
  • Optional online video explorations of your work in progress

Trager® Certification Calendar-Short Version

Level 1 —six days—April 22-24 and 29-May 1
Level 2 —six days—July 22-24 and 29-31
Level 3 —six days—June 17-19 and 24-26 
7 integration days, one day every six weeks 
4 two-hour Trager Tutorials

Trager® Certification Calendar-Long Version

Date Class  CE hours
April 22-24
April 29-May 1
Level 1a, 1b 48
To be scheduled  *Recommending Tutorial  2
May 28th  Integration Day 1 + Mentastics  8
June 25th  Integration Day 2 + Mentastics  8
July 22-24th
July 29-31st
Level 2a, 2b & Mentastics 48
September 9th Integration Day 3 + Mentastics Mindful Movement 8
To be scheduled *Recommending Tutorial 2
October 7th Integration Day 4 + Mentastics Mindful Movement 8
November 4-6th
November 11-13th
Level 3a, 3b + Mentastics 48
December 9th Integration Day 5 + Mentastics Mindful Movement 8
To be scheduled *Recommending Tutorial 2
To be scheduled *Recommending Tutorial 2
February 24th Integration Day 6 8
March 17th Integration Day 7 8

Trager® Certification Program Hours 

Trager Level 1, 2 & 3 and Mentastics 160 hours
Integration Days 40 hours
Recommending Tutorials 8.0 hours
Total in-class clock hours 208 hours

In addition, for each level, students are required to receive 2 sessions from a Trager® practitioner(s), receive 8 sessions from students or Trager® practitioner(s), and provide 30 practice sessions (average two per week).



Trager® Certification Program Prerequisites 

Professional Prerequisites:

  • Enrollees must be certified movement therapists or personal trainers or licensed professionals in one of the following professions: massage, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, midwifery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, osteopathy, or some form of healthcare practitioner which allows a practitioner license to touch. 
  • Students who have just completed their program but have yet to become licensed may also apply if they can show a clear path to licensure.
  • Students practicing in a state that exempts Trager® from any kind of licensure may also apply. However, an additional 48 hours of Trager® anatomy training or an instructor-approved equivalent is required before certification.

Educational Prerequisites:

Before applying for the Trager® certification program, applicants need to either:

  • receive a minimum of two sessions from a certified Trager® Practitioner; or,
  • receive one session, and attend an Introductory Workshop; or,
  • receive one session and take 6 hours of Mentastics classes; or,
  • by other arrangements with the instructor. 

Receiving a series of sessions before the Level I training as well as attending an Introductory Workshop provide experiences that are foundational to the learning process. The Practitioner or Teacher must recommend the applicant to be accepted into the training by signing the back of the application. After obtaining the recommendation, please contacts Joe Rodin seminars. 

Additional Expectations:

  • Enrolling students need to be able to complete classes and homework as assigned.

Enrolling students need to have practical resources in place (time, financial, emotional, work, family, etc) to fully participate in these programs and support personal development work that often accompanies this training.

*Recommending Tutorials:

In a “recommending tutorial”, students receive feedback and are either recommended to the next level or are given specific tasks to complete to remediate deficiencies in skills and knowledge. These are usually scheduled during the integration Day before the start of the next level.  Successful completion of these tasks will lead to being recommended to the next level. During the second Integration day for Level 3, each student will sign up for 2 Recommending Tutorials. Students must be approved in each Recommending Tutorial to complete the program to apply to the US Trager Association for certification as a Trager® Practitioner. Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are 9 am – 6 pm, 8 hours of class.

Trager® Certification Program Tuition

Tuition $5,595  (includes a $250 deposit due with registration, $100 is non-refundable)
Additional Expenses (estimated) -6 Professional Trager® Sessions- $990  

Students who have taken a Trager® Introductory class with Joe Rodin can utilize $100 of their Introductory workshop tuition towards their deposit. There are three payment plans available, please see page 20 of the Trager® Student Handbook.

Kennewick, WA. (please click on the link for location details–address, driving directions, and nearest food and lodging). For questions about housing and transportation, please email Olivia Cebak at Josephrodin.com or 206.436.4324

Trager®  Program Teachers

Michael Lear, who will be teaching Level 2, is an internationally recognized Senior Trager® Practitioner, Tutor & Instructor, and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor with a client base spanning five continents and including a few Academy, Emmy, and Grammy Award winners. He was recognized with a cover article in 2007 Massage Therapy Journal for his work introducing Trager® to physical therapists in post-tsunami Sri Lanka.

Joseph RodinJoseph Rodin, who will be assisting, has been a certified Trager Instructor since 2010 and Introductory Workshop Leader since 2013. He teaches various continuing education courses around Washington State and maintains a private practice in Seattle specializing in Headache, Neck, TMJ and Chronic Pain.

Additional Trager® faculty, to be announced.

Trager® Program Registration and Tuition Payments

Registration and Deposit

  • Click on this link and print out the Trager® Program Application Form
  • A $250 deposit is required at the time of application, $100 of the deposit is non-refundable.
  • ONLINE: Fill out the digital application and requesting an online payment invoice.
  • MAIL: Make checks out to ‘Joseph Rodin Seminars’, mail your check and your filled-out registration to Seattle Manual Therapy 5413A Meridian Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103.
  • Upon acceptance, Joseph Rodin Seminars will send the student a contract and copy the student handbook.
  • Please return the contract to Joseph Rodin Seminars (mail, drop off, or fax) and a copy will be returned to you.

Tuition Payments

Regular tuition payments can be made to Joseph Rodin Seminars by cash, check, or credit card. Students will receive a confirmation of payment amounts and dates along with their contracts.

  • AUTOMATIC: students may choose to set up automatic credit card payments at any point. Payment may be made with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card.
  • PHONE: Call 206-596-6782
    to pay. Payment may be made with Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card payments may be made online or over the phone. Confirmation of payment will be emailed.
  • MAIL: Mail a check and notate on the memo line, Trager Certification Program. Please make checks out to “Joseph Rodin Seminars” and mail to: Joseph Rodin Seminars 5413A Meridian Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103.
  • CASH: Call 206-436-4324 to make arrangements to drop off cash payments.

 Trager® Program Documents

Questions About the Trager® Program

If you have questions about the content of the Trager® Program or about being a Trager® Practitioner, please contact program teacher Roger Tolle by email at Rogertolle@gmail.com.

For all other questions (program details, application, payment, logistics, etc.) please email Joseph Rodin at Joseph Rodin Seminars at info@seattlemanualtherapy.com or call her at (206) 436-4324.

Initial deposit is $150. Our office will then contact you regards payment plans and other aspects of Certification Training preparation and logistics. To pay in full, email: info@seattlemanualtherapy.com.