At Seattle Manual Therapy, it goes without saying that massage is important to healing and freedom from pain; but often, integrative treatment is needed to swing the pendulum toward optimal wellbeing. Sometimes healing takes a community!

Whether you are a professional or a client, this page is intended to provide resources you might need or be interested in. Feel free to call with questions regarding any of the links below.


Below is a list of trusted professionals Joe works with, and also a few links to retail sources for back care, standing desks, and other self-care tools.
Corinne Xidos, Atlas Chiropractic –
Gary Moskowitz, Turning Point Chiropractic –
Dr. Paris Preston ND, Emerald City Clinic –
Dr. Chrys Sabatinos ND, Rain City Integrative –
Avigail Cohen, Ballard Acupuncture Center –
TMJ Treatment
Dr. Jason Pehling Orofacial Disorders Center –
Medical Doctor
Dr. Jane Pemberton, MD Seattle Healing Arts –
Self Care Tools
Relax The Back Store –
Work While Walking Store –
Soma System –



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Reference Letters from Medical Professionals for Joe Rodin
To Whom it May Concern,
I have worked with and referred patients to Joe Rodin, MA, LMP, CTP, for the last five years for treatment of head, neck and facial pain. He has a broad range skill set that he continues to add to with curiosity and dedication to his profession
Jason Pehling, DDS

MEDICAL DOCTOR – Pain Management and Anesthesiology
As a Pain Management Specialist, I treat a wide spectrum of patients dealing with significant to often extremely severe pain. I have referred patients to Joe for Manual Therapy for a wide spectrum of symptoms including fibromyalgia, post-operative pain, and the effects of significant industrial and automobile accidents.. Joe’s work has been beneficial for many and pivotal for some patients dealing with ongoing, significant chronic pain. I highly recommend Joe’s work for a wide spectrum of patients.
Rajni Jutla, MD

I have referred clients to Joe Rodin, LMP for the past few years. I have found his work to be very helpful for my clients with complex musculoskeletal imbalances and injuries. He has an excellent knowledge of the interplay between the connective tissue layers, muscles and bones. He also brings a deeply intuitive sense of how the body works. Joe’s skill in visceral manipulation has brought relief to clients suffering from reflux and other digestive issues where there is an underlying motility issue. I have great confidence in Joe’s work. I appreciate his desire to continue to learn and develop his skill to better serve clients.
Paris Preston, ND

From direct hands on experience I can appreciate Joe’s massage work as an outstanding manual therapist. He can work with acute and chronic injuries and people who really hurt without making the pain worse. His knowledge of biomechanics and nerve tension release is notable for a massage therapist. He works well as part of a healing team and can assist chiropractic patients in their healing.
Darcy Fox, DC

Having direct experience of Joe’s work both on myself and my patients, I highly recommend Joe as a competent and thoughtful practitioner who thinks beyond the norm. His emphasis on movement and function, and Trager expertise, inform his clinical background, and give him a unique set of skills and a paradigm that is highly supportive of and complimentary to my Chiropractic work.
Gary Moskowitz, DC