The results of patients with headache, tmj, shoulder pain, chronic pain, digestive dysfunction, and those achieving greater athletic performance and a deeper mind-body connection through Manual Therapy and the Trager approach.


I was suffering from chronic muscle tension in my neck and shoulders that had developed gradually over many years. As a software developer I routinely spent a large portion of my day hunched over a computer keyboard. My strategies to deal with the pain included yoga, Alexander Technique lessons, chiropractic care, and deep tissue massage. While I’m sure these helped, the tension continued to accumulate year after year to the point that the neck and shoulder pain significantly interfered with my yoga practice.

This is when I went to see Joe. His approach to body work was completely new to me. Instead of pressing on my overwrought neck muscles in an attempt to get them to let go, he coaxed them into letting go voluntarily via Trager and Positional Release techniques. I did not feel bruised or “beaten up” afterwards like I had with deep tissue massage. As I continued to see Joe, the changes from week to week were markedly noticeable. The old patterns of tension gave way to new-found “springiness”. I feel like the clock has been turned back many years due to the pain/tension alleviation and regained mobility!
– Nicole D., Seattle

After nearly two years of physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and cortisone shots–all providing little or no relief to my shoulder and upper arm injured in a fall, my doctor referred me to Joe Rodin. After several sessions, I woke up one morning to discover I had no pain in my upper arm. After several more sessions, I realized I was having more days without pain than with it. With a combination of what I can only describe as a combination of pressure point work, massage and a shaking/jiggling of opposing muscles mainly around my neck, shoulder, back and chest , I am finding that my chronic pain is greatly diminished, I have a lot more use of my arm, and I feel confident that the pain will soon be entirely gone. As a side benefit, as Joe works on the structural components of my shoulder and upper body, my posture is improving which impacts a variety of previously aching muscles.

Thank you Joe.
– Sue N.


I intellectually understood that a mind-body connection existed before seeing Joe. I was surprised at how powerful it really is. As my knees aligned with the rest of my body, my need to push lessened. As my torso started to align, anger was released (over time). I have not felt this centered in years.
– Rachel F.


Joe has been a terrific help with my health. My doctor sent me to him for help with my digestion and tension. But I also was helped with my TMJ, neck and shoulder pain. I move more easily after a session. My reflux has decreased so that I am not using the supplements I was taking. I notice and release jaw tension more quickly. I recommend Joe to anyone whose body is struggling with stress.

– Rosie

I was sent to see Joe by my naturopath for digestive issues. One my first visit I was given a short evaluation in which along with my digestive problems Joe confirmed other on going issues I’ve had with my neck and alignment.
I have never had Trager body work before and found it powerful and effective. Soon my body was humming.
Joe’s work with my stomach and esophagus have greatly improved my digestion and I am feeling so much better over all.
I found Joe to be a kind, experienced and intuitive practitioner.
– Penny B.


Over summer 2009, I developed a headache that would not go away. After about a month, I decided to find treatment. 5 months and countless doctors later, I was told that I might be stuck with this headache for years to come. I decided to try a TMJ specialist and found Dr. Pehling and Dr. Rodin in Northgate.

TMJ Specialist:
Upon first examination, he was able to identify what muscles nerves were causing my pain. He came up with several different plans for treatment and I was quickly fitted for a mouth guard. I was encouraged from the start by how fast he gets the ball rolling.

Mr. Rodin:
Mr. Rodin looked even beyond the site of my pain to identify if anything else was contributing to my headache. He was able to detect several areas that were causing my overall alignment to be slightly C-shaped. He was able to successfully treat my alignment and reset my atlas, curing my headaches. His methods of treatment during a session and the exercises he prescribed for me to do on my own time were extremely effective both at treating and preventing my pain.

The team of the TMJ specialist and Mr. Rodin was able to correctly diagnose and successfully treat my ailment.
– Megan


Joe is part of a comprehensive medical team resolving my 35 plus years suffering with migraines and TMJD. I suffered migraines since I was a teenager, which has recently begun including a buzzing sound in the forehead. Sometimes I get pressure and electric shocks behind my eyes. I also go through periods of almost constant sinus drainage, thick with congestion with flem. The ligaments in my R TMJ are stretched out and I’ve been a severe grinder.

Joe has truly been a godsend. When I’ve had the forehead buzzing, Joe’s treatments dampen or eliminate it altogether. Also, my sinus drainage has thinned out and actually changed color from a strong green to almost clear. Finally, I’m able to open my jaw more widely and with less pain. Overall, I’m functioning better, with less pain, andmy level of pain has come down and is much more manageable.
– Maureen T.

My Naturopath recommended Joe for jaw pain that came about after a bouncy horseback ride on the beach. I never had TMJ or any jaw pain, but discovered how painful it can be. Joe treated me once and the pain went from a 10 to a 2!! With one visit! I returned a couple of weeks later and the 2 went to a 0 with NO recurrence. I highly recommend Joe Rodin.
– Kay C.


The TRAGER treaments I received from Joe have helped me tremendously. I don’t think I would have recovered from my September 2012 car accident as quickly without the treatments. I addition to helping the neck and upper back from the accident and later the nervie pain in my legs, he “adjusted” my ribcage, I swear I’m an inch taller. You leave feeling changed and refreshed. I would recommend him to anyone, whether injured or not. It feels great!
– Lynette M.


I had suffered from chronic back pain and related asthma before seeing Joe Rodin. After seeing several other professionals, I finally found significant improvement from working with Joe. He used a two-pronged approach, working both on loosening and realigning my muscles, as well as helping me learn how to walk with proper form. Previously I had not been using my upper body when walking or running, and had very successful results correcting this after only a few sessions with Joe. As a college soccer player, I demand a lot from my body, and these treatments have helped with every day comfort, as well as improved my athletic performance. Joe is skilled in several different treatment techniques and addressed a wide-range of my concerns, providing sustainable treatment, not just symptom relief. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to address underlying causes of body pain or discomfort.
– Rachel K.