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All workshops taught by Joe Rodin, MA, LMP, CTP are NBCTMB accredited (#681) for ceu’s.


for massage therapists

December 2-3rd, Seattle, WA

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Explore the fascinating landscape of the tmj complex:

You’ll learn
• Detailed anatomy and biomechanics of the TMJ complex
• Foundational intra-oral and extra-oral palpation and evaluation protocols


Clear content with Amazing Results!
Kristi Z, LMP

I appreciate Joe’s humbleness and his skill and wisdom.’
Barbra Helyn Heard

Unique, 10/10, rare to see such an integrative philosophy, I’ll be checking into Joe’s other classes
Judy Hammer, LMP

This class was more informative and challenging than I expected. Presentation, expertise, and instructor’s preparedness were excellent.
Iris Forcier LMP, Seattle

Well put together, humorous, easy to follow, easy to understand and retain. Very useful, gave a great other perspective of technique and showed additional intent that changes how I can approach tem. I liked the instructor’s attitude and style of teaching as well as his approach to technique, especially the mind-body connection. Joe is a fantastic teacher and the class enjoyable, and easy to follow while still being profound.
Alex Ashworth

Love the tone you set for the class, ‘open,’ ‘no right or wrong.’ Excellent, 10/10. You wove together complex concepts as though describing a gentle dance—movement and flow. Have never had an instructor emphasize that—top notch. Integrative class, not compartmentalized. Easy to begin using with clients right away. Instructors style is pleasantly unique and inviting.
Judy Hammer

Saturday and Sunday, December 2-3rd, 9am-6pm. Seattle, WA

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Treating The Source of Headache Pain
December 10th, Seattle, WA

tmj_IphotoHeadaches refer to a broad range of pain experienced in the head, face and skull. They derive from any combination of various structures including nerves, sutures, sinuses, arteries, muscles, and the functional and structural abnormalities. Sources can be both local and remote from the site of pain.

The key to treating headaches is combining the client’s symptom profile with incisive history taking and prolific palpatory assessment. We can then differentiate among the many sources and types of headache and base our treatments accordingly.

In this workshop we’ll differentiate between facial, sutural, TMJ, neurologic, structural and vestibular causes that result in migraine, tension, sinus, cluster and other headaches. We’ll learn both their presentation and targeted methods of treatment.

Saturday, December 10th
Seattle, WA

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