Introduction to Trager 

Saturday, February 3rd, Everett, WA

Sunday, February 5th, Whidbey, WA

Waldorf School
6335 Old Pietila Rd, Clinton, WA 98236


Trager offers a unique, powerful contribution to the fields of bodywork, holistic health and healing.

Add an effective, life changing tool to your kit of hands-on treatment. You’ll learn to engage the body with gentle, wave-like movements and oscillations, combined with various compressions and holds, to quickly remove deep seated tension and restrictions in the muscles, joints, nervous system and various fluid systems of the body. Simultaneously, the client is serenaded into an exquisitely deep, relaxed state.

This introductory class is suitable for anybody interested in their own growth and in helping others.

Joe Rodin, MA (psychology), LMP, and Certified Trager Practitioner. He has been practicing bodywork for 16 years. His youngest client: one day old, and his oldest, 99 years old. He specializes in chronic pain, headache and TMJ, movement disorders, and athletic performance. His background also includes 14 years as a yoga instructor. He taught injury treatment at Seattle Massage School, and craniosacral classes at several other massage schools in Washington and California.

Introduction to Trager
Instructor: Joe Rodin MA, LMP, Certified Trager Practitioner