Complex pain patterns in the back and lower extremities often have their root in dysfunction in the pelvis and sacrum. These problems create inhibited and hypertonic muscle patterns and structural imbalances that are only temporarily remedied by focusing on the Myofascial alone.

In this course we’ll broaden our awareness of joint symmetry and fixation and learn how they impact afferent and efferent muscle firing. 

We’ll learn assessment and treatment protocols and techniques to release these fixations focusing on the various joints of the functional pelvic ring.

Rib dysfunctions are a hidden cause of chronic shoulder and neck pain that don’t resolve with normal muscular therapy. In addition rib problems create shallow breathing patterns and reduced spinal range of motion.

Beyond targeted pain patterns, rib problems are implicated in sympathetic neural overload through pressure on the thoracic  ganglia. Such problems include difficulty sleeping, chronic stress and anxiety, and pain that doesn’t resolve. 

We will learn to assess and treat rib problems through assessing the different ribs and their functions and learning to identify anterior and posterior rib fixations. 

After completing this case you’ll have more success with patients previously considered difficult and who have become discouraged by lack of previous results.